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2020 Solar PV: Mitigating shade in a Solar PV design

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MCS Acknowledges the SolarEdge Energy Benefit:5%-21% Added Energy in Common System Scenarios


The updated MCS Guide acknowledges that using systems with multi-MPP trackers would minimise the effect of shade on the performance of the system. However, to calculate the benefit, a separate shade analysis should be done for each MPP tracker separately.

To help you promote SolarEdge systems according to the new MCS guidelines, we have prepared a brochure that can be printed and handed to system owners.

The brochure shows four typical shading scenarios (shade from chimney, dormer window, electrical pole and tree), for which we have calculated the shade effect on system performance with and without module-level MPPT. By performing MPP tracking per module, the SolarEdge power optimisers were shown to increase the energy harvest by 5%-21%.



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